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When Imangi Studios originally launched in August of 2011, the little indie developer had no idea the kind of phenomenon it would carry on to get. Actually it wasn’t also a success right off the bat, and simply after having a move to free-to-play about a month after release did it start to formulate some momentum before flourishing late around and all of throughout 2012. The most recent tally is that Temple Run has been downloaded and played by over 170 million people across all platforms. That’s just insane.

Now with Temple Have a household name and the sort of bona fide success that could spawn an effective spinoff game with a major Disney movie in Temple Run Brave [$1.99], a suitable sequel has stealthily landed inside the App Store. Not really a lot changed in Temple Run 2 on a fundamental level, still it plays like the initial game you know and love, nevertheless it has brought a huge upgrade from the visual department in addition to a few new tweaks towards the formula which render it a significant improvement within the first game in just about every way. It feels like a fresh start, a whole new Temple Run that’s aimed at the future.

I’m sure most everybody is acquainted with how works, but just for kicks let’s go over the fundamentals. You follow your perpetually running character from the third-person perspective as they’re being chased with a humongous demonic primate. The thing is, your adventurer swiped the beast’s precious idol and that didn’t often go over too well, so now you’ve reached run for your life.

Charge of your character is handled by swiping down or up to leap over or slide under obstacles, and swiping left or right to transform when necessary. Tilting your device moves the character to and fro within the lane for collecting coins and avoiding additional hazards. That’s about all there may be into it, and it also works great. Temple Run 2 is just one of those perfect games to experience with just one particular free hand, just for a few minutes at the same time or for hours on end when you tirelessly try and top your very best run. Nothing changed with the sequel in this regard.

The biggest improvement in Temple Run 2 is in the graphics department. The video game has been produced from scratch in Unity and boasts gorgeous lighting and colors and also extremely temp1erun2 animations. My one gripe is that the draw distance isn’t the ideal, meaning environmental elements will pop-in right in front of the eyes. It doesn’t really bother if you’re centering on not dying like you should be, but it’s still kind of disappointing considering what iOS devices are capable of.

The original Temple Run didn’t obtain that great of any draw distance either, nevertheless it was masked quite ingeniously using a fog effect that worked well using the dank jungle theme. In you’re running in the temple from the sky, so all things are right out there from the open. This new sky temple is fantastic though, offering a much more dynamic feel on the level design. The track will curve, dip and elevate in ways the rigid straightaways of the first game never did. It feels as though a much more organic environment, and it likewise keeps you on your toes only a tad much more since you never fully realize what’s coming around the next bend.